Make Online Product Catalogs

Catalog Machine is a simple solution for creating online product catalogs

  •  Catalogs for customers and events
  •  Quick to Update and Customize
  •  Simple to Build and Share
  •  SEO & Facebook friendly
  •  No special skills needed
  •  Available Online 24/7
  •  Magento & Shopify

Why use Catalog Machine?


Custom categories and templates enable you to design unique product catalogs for any data and occasion


Catalog Machine is always online with your up-to-date products and catalogs, optimized for search engines and Facebook sharing


Quickly build product catalogs to respond to market and customer requests


Do-it yourself product catalogs and database - no special technical skills needed


Catalog Machine system maintains backups of your database and uses secure connections (SSL and encryption)


Greatly reduce the Publishing and Sales & Marketing costs for your business

NEW! Catalogs Integration with Magento and Shopify e-commerce stores

Build Online Product Catalogs for your Magento or Shopify stores and boost your marketing power.

 1. Online Database (in Cloud)

Online Product Database

- Full control over your product data and images
- Add descriptions, specifications, prices and photos
- Convenient content and image management

 2. Catalog Builder

Product Catalog Builder

- Mini-catalogs and brochures (seasonal, niche, events)
- Easily design custom templates for your items
- PDF & HTML catalog formats are supported

 3. Instant Publishing

Instant Product Catalog Publishing

- Share catalogs for immediate download and browsing
- Latest, accurate, up-to-date SEO-friendly information
- Fast market response - prepare catalogs in minutes

 4. Friendly, effective and simple solution

Friendly, effective and powerful catalog management software

- Do-it yourself product catalogs and database
- Always available for your team and customers
- Reduced publishing, sales and marketing costs

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