What is Catalog Machine?

Online product catalog builder

Online Database
for your Products and Images
Catalog Builder & Publisher
for designing and sharing your Catalogs
User Site
Online Catalog viewer & Product Showroom for your customers

Product Management

Product Database

full control over your product data
Product Database
Create product categories with custom fields / variants / options / barcodes.
Quick edit of product contents, prices and images.
Import product data and images from e-store (Shopify, Etsy, etc.), CSV, Excel, Google Docs.
Easy maintenance of product data and updates.

Inventory Management

manage, display and share you product stock
Inventory Management
Manage and import inventory for products and variants
Display stock quantity in catalog templates.
Enable In Stock product filter for your catalogs and Showroom live updates.
The ordering system checks and reduce inventory for online payments.

Catalog Creation

Build Professional Catalogs

create beautiful & flexible online product catalogs
Professional Catalogs
Make niche / client / event / seasonal catalogs, brochures and flyers.
Create catalogs with rich content and flexible layout.
Full control over design of product catalog pages.
Add auto-generated Table of Contents and catalog sections.

Easy Catalog Maker

fast and easy creation of catalogs
Catalog Maker
Upload PDF and convert into Catalog Flipbook.
Quickly add predefined page layouts.
Drag and drop products and images to fill placeholders.
Add many products at once.
Edit and update products, images and elements in-place.

Product Showroom

showcase your products in dynamic display
Product Showroom
Public product search and browsing by categories.
Feature products in Showroom with custom templates.
Create dynamic views of individual products.
Select products for PDF download or quote requests.

Catalog Automation

build automatic low-maintenance catalogs
Catalog Automation
Create product collections to generate product pages.
Automatically update catalogs for product and collection changes and sync Table of Contents.
Build master catalogs that include other catalogs.
Import prices for instant updates, use multiple price levels and calculate on the fly.

Catalog Design

Design Templates and Layouts

create custom templates for products
Design Templates
Easy to design and can be created by anybody.
Design with images, rich text and advanced formatting.
Use mix of custom or predefined templates and layouts in the same catalog.
Reuse templates and layouts in catalogs and Showroom.

Produce Catalogs

quickly prepare always up-to-date catalogs
Produce Catalogs
Tailor catalogs for customers and events in minutes.
Produce catalogs in PDF & HTML formats.
Quick catalog updates for new changes with one-button click.
Responsive layout for tablets and mobile devices.
Embed catalogs into your website.

Catalog Types

Price List

easily create price lists with pictures
Price List

Line Sheet

line sheets for wholesale, fashion and retail
Line Sheet

Spec Sheet / Data Sheet / Sales Sheet

detailed product specifications
Data Sheet

Pricing Sheet / Order Form

pricing product information with order forms
Order Form

Share & Sell

Publish & Share Catalogs

share catalogs with your customers
Publish & Share Catalogs
Publish catalogs for PDF download, mobile-friendly web browsing or sending by email.
Optimized for search engines (Google, Bing) and social graphs.
Sharing for popular social networks (Twitter, Facebook, Google+).
Password protected catalogs and other privacy levels for sharing: public, direct link, request email.

Product Orders / Payments / Quote Requests

receive paid orders / quote requests from your visitors
Product Orders
Visitors select products in your catalogs and Showroom while browsing.
They pay for product orders or send order requests with contact information.
Manage orders and statuses from app or use API to store orders in your systems.
Receive email notifications for new product orders.

Advanced Features


get information about catalog visitors
Track page statistics by date ranges.
Analyze catalog views by dimensions (Geo, referrals, social networks, browsers, etc.).
Analytics is available for all catalogs and Showroom products.

Automation & API

automate your product catalog management
Automation & API
Automate your product, catalog and order workflows with REST API or Zapier.
Import, schedule and synchronize product data and images from different data sources and apps.
Instantly rebuild catalogs on product updates and share fresh catalogs with your customers.

Multi-user teams / Multi-account agency

add multiple users and create new accounts
Multi-user teams
Build catalogs and update products with your team.
Invite users, share your data and set permissions. Manage your users access.
Agency mode: create multiple accounts and manage them with one login.
Share your fresh catalogs with internal teams and automate updates and notifications.

Image Collections

upload, organize & edit product and catalog images
Image Collections
Upload / import images from desktop, web, Google Drive, Dropbox and data uri.
Organize images in folders. Resize and crop.
Create products from uploaded images instantly.
Add images to products and catalog pages.