Do you need to create a product order form?

Catalog Machine is a simple solution for creating and sharing Online & PDF Product Order Forms + Catalogs
with free custom Catalog & Order Form Templates for your wholesale and retail business. No design expertise required.

Download & print PDF order form
Wholesale & retail order form templates
Catalog website for online sharing
Product management, import & inventory
Product orders & payments, price lists
Shopify, Etsy, Zapier and more integrations

Why create a product order form?

Online order forms collect details about the order, product selection (quantity, color, size, other options and variants) and gather the customer's contact information. It should provide your organization contact details, ordering process details and call to action. The professional order form is an essential step in completing the purchase.

As a manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer your customers may expect a product order form in a variety of formats; online, as a PDF, and in print, in addition to your website and online or physical store.

If you need to sell your portfolio of products or services through multiple outlets a product order form with an easy to use professional product order form templates could be vital to your business. If you are not a graphic or brochure designer and the thought of investing hundreds to engage one is not for you then its well worth considering an online catalog creation app like Catalog Machine.

Catalog Machine allows you to work online to quickly and easily to create or use existing product order form templates to compliment and improve existing marketing collateral. With Catalog Machine you can add or import products and create your entire product database online, making it easy to drop in your products and their specifications and produce a final, highly effective, product order form. The software enables the creation of multiple, alternative product order form templates which you can combine into your final product brochure or catalog. PDF and HTML creation is fully supported and there are options for targeted mini catalogs for specific customer groups, events or markets.

Guide for building product order forms

Select between a printable order form with a product list and a dynamic Order Request feature that allows customers to select from the product catalog and send notifications to you.
Order form product details can include name, item number / SKU, wholesale and retail prices, description, key features and options such as material, size or colour variations.
Collect buyer information - name, organization, email, billing and shipping addresss.
Add a blank field for any additional information and customer notes.
List your supported payment methods, your form could include fields for credit card number and expiration.
Inlude your terms of sale that provides your customer with information about mimimum order amount, shipping policy and refund policy, notice about price changes.
Consider including clean product images to your online purchase order form price sheet. Images, in general, can provide a big boost to form conversion rates.
Style the form to match your brand. Uploading your company logo to a form is easy, and increase your purchase form professional appearance and trustworthiness.
Make sure to include your organization contact information, email, address, phone and fax in online product order form.
Don’t forget a call to action, and to direct buyers to what they need to do next so you don’t lose them to indecision.
Import products and images from Etsy, Shopify, eBay, Magento or CSV with one click and manage your own product database.
Create wholesale and retail purchase order forms for your product lines. PDF & mobile-friendly HTML.
No special skills required.
Available Online 24/7.
Privacy levels and password protection.
Build order forms with custom templates for individual markets, customers and events. Present product information your way.
Share your product order forms online, social media, send in email or download. Optimized for Google and Facebook.
Embed your product Online or PDF order form into your website pages customizing visual options.
Automate product catalog management and workflows with REST API or Zapier. Synchronize products from different sources.
Include pre-built Product Order Form or receive customer orders & payments directly from a order form.
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Integration with e-commerce stores and automation tools
Build Online Product Catalogs for your Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce stores and boost your marketing power.

Creating a order form is simple with Catalog Machine:

Add / import your product information and images
Use the Catalog Machine app to create, edit or import your products and images then quickly add them to your order form template. Extend with custom fields / variants / options including images, prices, barcodes, market description, specifications and more.
Create your design
Use order form templates and layouts to easily display your product prices, images and description, or create your own catalog design with the flexible product catalog maker.
Custom content creation
Complete your order form by adding custom text, images and marketing material or build your own pages for company, order information or terms of business, product guides, articles and more.
Maintenance and security with ease
Re-import or change your products in the Catalog Machine database with automatic update in your catalogs. Clone your order form versions and set privacy levels up to password protection.
Share, promote and distribute
Share by email, social media as order form URLs, download or send as a PDF, embed to your site quickly and cleanly to make product marketing promotion painless.
Work with your team or multiple accounts
Build your order form and update products with your team in multi-user mode. Work as an agency with multiple accounts linked to your login.

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