Do you need to create a price list?

Catalog Machine is a simple solution for creating and sharing Online & PDF Product Price Lists and Catalogs
with free custom Price List Templates for your retail, service and wholesale business. No design expertise required.

Download & print PDF price list
Wholesale & retail price list templates
Catalog website for online sharing
Product management, import & inventory
Product orders & payments, price lists
Shopify, Etsy, Zapier and more integrations

Why do you need a price list?

In essense, a price list gives your customers a clear picture of what products your business is selling and what price you charge. You can add pricing templates to your product catalogs to provide quick overview for your product lists.

With the Catalog Machine app you can create a professional price list template without investing in a design agency or spending too much of your valuable time. Price list templates can be saved with Catalog Machine, used and shared season or year after year to create and update your new product selection quickly, making creating price lists an efficient and productive part of your product sales and marketing.

Price list templates can also be handy if you need to present alternative price list to each customer or groups of customers.

Top tips for building price lists

A price list includes item number, description, picture, prices with optional inventory and quantity fields.
Use product price sheets as price quote templates and include Order Form to get orders immediately.
You can create multiple price lists for your different customer tiers, regions or sales channels. Maintain separate price lists for different product lines, niches and target events.
Promoting your products in a price list design template, that is, highlighting or featuring some hand-picked or popular sellers with “new” or “bestselling” headlines may help direct sales where they are most desired.
Simple price list templates should have a simple linear structure and include visually clean product shots (not scene or lifestyle shots) to highlight product's appeal.
Don’t forget a call to action, and to direct buyers to what they need to do next so you don’t lose them to indecision. Make sure to include your contact information and order form.
Import products and images from Etsy, Shopify, eBay, Magento or CSV with one click and manage your own product database.
Create Wholesale, Retail, Salon and other price lists for your products and services. PDF & mobile-friendly HTML.
No special skills required.
Available Online 24/7.
Privacy levels and password protection.
Build price lists with custom templates for individual markets, customers and events. Present product information your way.
Share your product price lists online, social media, send in email or download. Optimized for Google and Facebook.
Embed your product Online or PDF price list into your website pages customizing visual options.
Automate product catalog management and workflows with REST API or Zapier. Synchronize products from different sources.
Include pre-built Product Order Form or receive customer orders & payments directly from a price list.
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Integration with e-commerce stores and automation tools
Build Online Product Catalogs for your Shopify, Etsy, eBay, Magento, PrestaShop, WooCommerce stores and boost your marketing power.

Creating a price list is simple with Catalog Machine:

Add / import your product information and images
Use the Catalog Machine app to create, edit or import your products and images then quickly add them to your price list template. Extend with custom fields / variants / options including images, prices, barcodes, market description, specifications and more.
Create your design
Use price list templates and layouts to easily display your product prices, images and description, or create your own catalog design with the flexible product catalog maker.
Custom content creation
Complete your price list by adding custom text, images and marketing material or build your own pages for company, order information or terms of business, product guides, articles and more.
Maintenance and security with ease
Re-import or change your products in the Catalog Machine database with automatic update in your catalogs. Clone your price list versions and set privacy levels up to password protection.
Share, promote and distribute
Share by email, social media as price list URLs, download or send as a PDF, embed to your site quickly and cleanly to make product marketing promotion painless.
Work with your team or multiple accounts
Build your price list and update products with your team in multi-user mode. Work as an agency with multiple accounts linked to your login.

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